Monday, October 27, 2008

I haven't been able to get into my blog for a long time. Papa helpped me. So now I hope I will be able to do this again and comment on all the delightful things you all write. Can hardly wait for Thanksgiving. We will have a house full. It will be so much fun. Remember when we all were at your mom's single wide one Christmas. That was a great time.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Home again. Golda's wedding was so great. See so many of us together. Only bad thing was Dale's car trou ble. Then the flat tire on the rental car. But we all made it to West Virging. Had a great time with Dale, Judy, Andrew, Rebecca and Jennifer, Callie and Maddie. Playing with Andrew's Wii was fun too. Going to Tidewater the restaurant Dale is General Manager was really great a beautiful place. Got to see our friend Gary on Sunday night when we got back to Charleston. He left on Monday for two weeks in Rumania on a teaching missions trip he takes each year. Nice seeing hime and his wife Sandra. We also got to see a friend that Papa had worked with in Charleston. We did cut our time short in WV so we could have time to go to Missouri and Kansas on the way home. Had a nice visit in Ohio with Dean, Martha, Kimberly and Billy and His girl friend. Went to a birthday party for Martha's one year old nephew. There was a jumping thing and a clown for the kids, and plenty of spanish food. We had breakfast in Finday, OH with my brother Charlie , his wife Mary and daughter Cheryl. It was a one and a half hour drive for each of us. From Hilliard OH and Trenton, MI. We then drove to O'Fallon, MO for the night. We drove to Kansas City the next day and had a great visit with two of my cousins and two aunts. Spent the night with Ken and Marilyn V. friend from KU days. They drove us all over downtown KC showing us all the new develpment there. Papa had wanted to see the Sprint arena so he got to. Next day to Manhattan. KS to see Melissa and all. Had to stay longer than planned because Papa had left some of his medicine in O"Fallon at the motel. Then we were there for the really bad hail storm and got to see Betsy again as she got home the morning before we left. Really bad wind driving home , but we got here safe. Really a great trip and still tiring to get over it. Love to all

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I have my new laptop on my desk in my computer/guest room. Yesterday papa hooked up a new keyboard and mouse that came with his new computer to my lap. I does make it easier to type. I have to have Brenda look at my laptop. She said something about maybe the touchpad was too sensitive. I kept loosing what I was typing. I hit some key that caused this and don't know which one it is. Papa had already a few weeks ago bought a one wireless keyboard and mouse. My cousins Sandy has been writing to me. And my cousins Joyce and Carol. Sandy is doing geneology of her family. She has a lot on my mother's family she is going to send to me. We have pictures too. Really old ones of my great grandparents. Daddy had some in his stuff he had never given to us. Papa and I have been scanning them and sending them to Sandy and Joyce. Sandy sends them on to Carol. Sandy is going to send a disk with the info she has. She is the daughter of my mother's older sister Frances. Joyce and Carol's mother was the fouth sister. It has been really fun. I hope they will get on the blog. Had snow on Monday night. Gone by noon on Tuesday. To be in the 60's today and get cold againg for two days. The fun of Texas. Keep writing everyone I miss it when you are to busy. My old computer just died. It was 14 years old and had been update several times. Papa has his old one, 7 years old, on this desk with his new one. It is taking a while to get everything one the new one like he wants. He has gotten a flash drive so we can bring pictures to you all at Golda and Jeremy's wedding. It is really nice. Sandy has sent a lot of death cerificates and marriage licenses of past family. Really is great to see them. Love to all of you.

Friday, February 15, 2008

This is an answer about my cousins in December. Do I remember all their names? Let's see!
Aunt Frances and Uncle Clyde Phelps had four children. Roger, Ronnie, Richard and Sandra all younger than me. All my cousins on mother's side are younger. Aunt Ethel and Uncle Carl Eklund had two boys - Jerry and David. Aunt Ella Dora and Uncle Joe Crowley had two girls -- Joyce and Carol. Aunt Betty and Uncle Russell Fowler have three boys - Russell (Rusty) Jimmy and Stephan. Aunt Eva and Bill Lundberg had three boys - Gary, John and Kenny. Aunt Donna and Uncle Bill Pedan had three boys - Billy, Craig and Bruce (decreased). Aunt Rose and Uncle Johnny and one son Tommy and Rose has four children from a previous marriage. Cheryl, James and ? And lots of my cousins have children. See I could remember better than Brenda thought. Cousins on the Hundley side. Aunt Juanite and Uncle Louis Manford had four children - Marion, (deceased) Louis (Buddy)(deceased), Dona Ruth and Donald (deceased). Aunt Ruth and Uncle Marvin O'Neal had three boys Marvin, Jr. , Jimmy and Charles. So here they all are.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I have been trying to read all the old blogs that I had not read for a few weeks. I have a new laptop papa gave me for an early valentines gift. I am having to get used to the new key board and everything. Brenda told me to practice using the touchpad by playing games. So I am trying to do that. I just got finished reading Golda's blogs. I kept losing them. It was very fustrating. I did change my background picture from papa to Shane and Logan. How I need to get the other great grand kids pictures on the computer so I can put them on also. Papa is busy today changing data from his old computer to the new one. He is doing this is windows vista. It is taking a long time. I sent some 2-mail to Melissa's and 2 of my cousins and sent them all twice by mistake. The touchpad is so sensitive. Happy Valentine's Day to all of you. Love.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hi. Hope everyone had a great Christmas. We did Brenda and Lester came for breakfast and had dinner too. We had a fun time. Hope I will get new messages from all of you. I haven't for some time. That happend before too. Have a wonderful new year. You are all loved.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Maaybe I should make a list of all my cousins for all of you. I might do this sometime. I have a lot.

My cousin Sandy emailed to us about her working on her family tree and we are helping her and going to get great information from her. Will be fun and interesting.

Hi everyone. Hope this finds you all well and doing great. Well Christmas is almost here. Melissa and everyone freezing and lots of snow. We have had some cold mornings and will be back up in the 50's and 60's this week. My flowers are still blooming in the pots next to be door. I bought some pansies to put in the pots when the petunia's die but don't know if they will. May have to put the pansies somewhere else. Brenda and Lester were here Saturday and we had a good time baking a receipe she had from school. It was great and easy. The best kind. Love you all.